9th Judicial Circuit Court

Family Division

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The Family Division of the Circuit Court is located at the Gull Road Justice Complex, 1536 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048.

Some Family Division proceedings are handled at the Probate Court, also located at the Gull Road Justice Complex.

The entrance to the Gull Road Justice Complex is monitored by security equipment and security personnel. The following items may not be brought into the building: guns, knives (including small pocket knives), razors, scissors, box cutters, any type of spray, and food/beverages (except for identified jurors and staff). All packages may be inspected. Dangerous or illegal objects may be seized. Litigants should arrive early for court proceedings to allow time for security measures.

Three judges serve in the Family Division:

Honorable Honorable Rebecca J. D’Angelo - Court F
Honorable Namita Sharma* - Court G
Honorable G. Scott Pierangeli** - Court H, Presiding Judge of the Family Division and Chief Circuit/Probate Judge Pro Tem

*District Judge serving in Circuit Court
**Probate Judge serving in the Circuit Court

Family Division referees are cross-trained to hear both domestic and juvenile matters.

Examples of the types of cases heard by the Family Division include:

  • child protective proceedings
  • domestic relations matters
  • juvenile matters pertaining to delinquency or criminal activity
  • adoptions
  • ancillary proceedings
  • emancipations
  • name changes

The Circuit Court operates under a central assignment system that allows judges to assist with each other's dockets as needed. If a Family Division judge is unavailable for a scheduled hearing, the proceeding may be transferred by scheduling staff to an available Family Division judge or one of the Trial Division judges.

Family Division Caseflow and Scheduling Information

Documents Filed in Support of Pleadings/Motions are Public Documents:

Attorneys and parties are reminded that documents filed in support of pleadings and motions are public information. There is no authority for court personnel to redact social security numbers or other identifying information from original documents unless ordered by the court. Redaction of identifying information is not applicable to inspection of documents/files. With the eventual on-line public access to court files through the court's Odyssey case management system, attorneys/parties should be aware that identifying information may be viewed unless the file is designated non-public or sealed under order of the court.