9th Judicial Circuit Court

Juvenile Home - On-Trac Residential Treatment Unit

On Trac seeks to:

Transform young men by tapping into their creative energies
Respect them by acknowledging their potential, hold them
Accountable for previous choices, and give them the
Courage to change and make new choices.

On Trac is a secure residential treatment program located within the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home serving adolescent males ages 13-17.  On Trac utilizes the Moral Reconation Therapy Model (MRT) and work based learning opportunities to empower our residents.


On Trac has a strong emphasis on interactive activities, culinary arts, screen printing, and horticulture in addition to therapeutic groups.

We offer life skills training, gang and gun awareness groups, social skills development, and mentoring opportunities.

Family Involvement

On Trac has biweekly treatment team meetings for probation officers and families to keep abreast of client driven goals and progress as well as regular family events to allow for sibling and extended family interaction.

Transition Planning

We utilize mentor supports and community connections to help our youth succeed once they leave our program.  We work with Job Corps and many area employers to help our youth connect to meaningful transition opportunities.