9th Judicial Circuit Court


Gull Road Justice Complex

Gull Road Justice Complex
1536 Gull Road
Kalamazoo MI 49048

Suzette Joseph, Family Division Administrator

  • Child Protective Proceedings
  • Domestic Relations Matters
  • Juvenile Matters Pertaining to Delinquency or Criminal Activity
  • Adoption Hearings
  • Ancillary Proceedings
  • Emancipations
  • Courts F, G, and H and Hearing Rooms 1-5

Matthew J. Semenczuk, Friend of the Court

Jason Pechawer, Finance Services Administrator

  • Juvenile Matters

Judge Charles A. Pratt Justice Center

Judge Charles A. Pratt Justice Center
330 Eleanor St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Court Administration

Chad Kewish, Circuit Court/Probate Court Administrator
Nigel Crum, Deputy Court Administrator

Trial Division – Criminal

Nigel Crum, Trial Division Administrator

  • criminal felony cases with a potential sentence of one or more years of incarceration
  • appeals from District Court and administrative agencies of state government and local government boards.
  • Jury Services
  • Courts 5100, 5300, 5400, 5600

Sara Green, Problem Solving Courts Administrator

  • Adult Drug Courts
  • Swift and Sure Sanctions Program Hearings

Jason Pechawer, Finance Services Administrator

  • Adult Felony
Automation and Technology

Ruth Gruizenga, Automation & Technology Administrator/Chief Court Clerk

Juvenile Home

Juvenile Home
1424 Gull Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Peter Holt, Juvenile Home Administrator

  • Auxiliary Services
  • Detention
  • Education/KRESA
  • On-Trac Residential Treatment Unit