8th District Court


It is through the District Court that most citizens in the community come in contact with the judicial system, either as a defendant, complaining witness or as a juror. It is from their experience in District Court that most people base their conclusions about the quality of justice in Kalamazoo. The Kalamazoo County District Court is committed to providing quality service to the community and equal access to the court for all individuals.

Purpose of Function

The theory of the adversary system is acclaimed to be that confrontation of both sides will bring out the truth. It is critical for those who work within the system to keep focus on its true purpose.

  • To provide individual justice to individual cases.
  • To provide speedy, equal resolution of conflict litigation.
  • To ensure protection of individuals from harm of others.
  • To enforce penalties for not complying with the laws.
  • To interpret the meaning of laws.
  • To provide an impartial forum for the accused, the litigants and all other individuals who need our services.

Our Mission, as leaders of the Kalamazoo County District Court, is to:  Create, as a foundation for a jurisdiction-wide unified trial court, a single district court, integrated both judicially and administratively, using shared resources that function in accordance with uniform procedures to provide citizens equal and timely access to the local justice system