8th District Court - Traffic Division

Admitting Responsibiliy With Explanation

What is an admission of responsibility with explanation?

An admission of responsibility with explanation consists of the following:

  • An admission of responsibility for the offense charged; and
  • An explanation of the circumstances surrounding the offense.

What is the purpose of admitting with explanation?

Admitting responsibility with explanation provides an opportunity to explain extenuating circumstances in hope of a reduced fine. The Magistrate will take the circumstances into consideration and may reduce the amount of fine and cost imposed. When an admission with explanation is submitted, the court may not reduce the number of points assessed by the Secretary of State, nor can the citation be dismissed.

What is the process for admitting with explanation?

Within 10 calendars days from the date the citation was issued:

  • Sign the back of the citation admitting responsibility with explanation.
  • Prepare a letter explaining the circumstances (include your current mailing address).
  • Deliver the signed citation and the letter to the Court in person or by mail no later than 10 calendar days from the date the citation was issued.
  • The Magistrate will review the explanation and will enter a Judgment (fines and costs might be reduced).
  • A copy of the Judgment will be sent to you by mail, and payment will be due by the date stated on the Judgment.

Online Ticket Resolution

If your ticket was issued by the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, your case may be eligible for online ticket resolution.

Failure to Respond

Failure to respond within 10 calendar days will result in a judgment by default and a $25 default fee, which will be added to the fine and costs. If applicable, the conviction will be reported to the Secretary of State, who will post the conviction and points to the driving record. A continued failure to respond will result in the suspension of Michigan driving privileges and additional fees.