8th District Court

Virtual Court Portal

Welcome to the Virtual Court Portal for the 8th District Court.  This page will provide links and information on how to access virtual courtrooms and live streams using your smart device, computer or tablet. 

Hearing Participation

Parties to the case must join by Zoom

Participating In Zoom

The following is an essential list for participating in Zoom. Please check each judges page for any special instructions.

  1. Meet with parties prior to hearings to promote ease of access to the virtual courtroom.
  2. Invite and join the weekly Practice Zoom prior to a hearing.
  3. Submit all documents to the court and parties in advance of the hearing.
  4. Be sure to know how to operate your technology prior to the hearing.
  5. Visit your court website or contact the court prior to the hearing with any questions.

Join Hearing/Virtual Courtroom or View Live Stream

Click on the judges name to access the virtual courtroom.