Friend of the Court

Income Review/Child Support Modifications

The FOC will review child support orders once every 36 months at a parties request.  Review and Modification Eligibility Notices will automatically be sent when your case is eligible.  It is up to you to respond if you wish to have your support amount reviewed.  The Friend of the Court may initiate a support review on its own initiative at any time if there is a change of circumstances as defined by MCL 55.517.

How can you change your child support amount?

There are two ways to change child support.

  1. You can ask the FOC to review your child support order. The FOC will review a child support order if:
    • The order is older than three years.
    • The last review is older than three years.
    • There was a change in circumstances before three years have passed since the last change to child support. 
    The FOC can usually review child support if you have lost your job.  If the FOC review agrees that support should change, the FOC will ask the court to change the order.
  2. You can change child support obligations through the court by filing a Motion Regarding Support (Form FOC 50).  You can get a copy of the form from your local FOC or print the form

Motion Regarding Support Packet

Threshold for Modifications

A minimum threshold has been established for child support to be changed.  The threshold is the lesser of 10% of the ordered amount or $50.00 per month.  If the change is within the requirement, FOC will petition for a change.

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