Kalamazoo County Jury Services

Juror Comments

Listed below are responses we have received directly from jurors regarding their jury service experience. If you would like to submit comments about your own jury duty experience, please click here to send an email to our office.

"I was very impressed with everything-organization, friendliness of staff, and that the judges came down to say a few words…"

"I had fun…I really wanted to be a juror."

"What I wish to say is that the experience was very thought provoking and educational."

"I was very impressed with personnel and the system. I only hope our office looks as professional and approachable."

"Everything was okay…It was not an unpleasant experience even though I was apprehensive about making a decision about someone's life."

"Thank you for good tasting coffee-FREE! Thank you!"

"I see an improvement already from past times."