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The State Court Administrative Court Office (SCAO) of the Michigan Supreme Court has a webpage with forms used in all courts. The court forms are organized by type of proceeding.

All SCAO approved Court forms can be located at:

As of April 1, 2010, the Probate Court will require that the current State Court approved forms be filed.  The Court may refuse your filings if current forms have not been submitted to the Court.

Requirements regarding use of Previous Versions of SCAO-Approved Forms

When SCAO-approved forms are revised, instructions are provided in the numerical indexes about using existing stock of previous versions of those forms. "Existing stock" means preprinted NCR or carbon-interleaved paper stock of the forms only. It does not include print-on-demand paper forms that are generated electronically from a computer. Previously-approved versions of any revised SCAO-approved forms that are reproduced in electronic format must be updated as soon as the new SCAO-approved versions are published irrespective of instructions regarding use of existing stock.

The following websites contain a list of all updated Probate Court and Michigan Court forms:

Michigan Court Forms

Index of SCAO Approved Probate Court Estate and Trust Forms.

Index of SCAO Approved Conservator and Protected Individual Forms.

Index of SCAO Approved Guardianship Forms.

Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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