Probate Court

Video Recording

All judicial courtrooms and referee hearing rooms are equipped with digital cameras. A digital record of all court proceedings is produced in this manner.

Who may request a copy of a hearing or transcript:

Attorneys and parties to the case may obtain copies of court hearings or transcripts of open court proceedings by following the procedures outlined in this notice. Any other requests will be subject to the discretion of the judge presiding at the hearing. Copies of the DVD MAY NOT be given to the media.

How can i request copy of the proceedings?

A request for a DVD copy of the hearing must be made in writing, including: name of case, case number, courtroom, date of proceeding, whether you want to pick up the tape or have the duplicate mailed, and a phone number where you can be contacted. There is a $20.00 (additional $5.00 for mailing fee if requested) fee for each date of a requested court event. Checks should be made payable to the "Kalamazoo County Probate Court."

Transcript Request form
Requests to Duplicate Video Recordings Form
Requests to View Video Recordings

How to request a copy:

Send your written request and payment to:

Judicial Aide
Kalamazoo County Probate Court
Gull Road Justice Complex
1536 Gull Road
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048

No orders will be taken without prepayment. You will be notified as soon as your copies are ready.

Questions may be directed to the Judicial Aide at 269-383-8669.