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Kalamazoo County Directories




D. B. A. - "Doing Business As"
Clerk/Register's Office 383-8840
D. S. S. (Department of Social Services)
322 Stockbridge 337-4900
Department of Human Services.
Death Records
Clerk/Register's Office 383-8840
Clerk/Register's Office 383-8970
Delinquent Taxes
Treasurer's Office 384-8124
Dental Clinic373-5217
Health and Community Services
Department of Human Services (formerly FIA or DSS) 373-4900
Department of Labor - United States 382-2309
If no answer, call Grand Rapids office at (616) 456-2004
Department of Social Services 337-4900
See Department of Human Services for more information.
Detention Home
Juvenile Home 385-8550
Emergency Management (Sheriff's Dept.) 383-8743
Disease Reports373-5267
Health and Community Services
District Court - 8th
Crosstown - 150 E. Crosstown Parkway 384-8171
North - 227 W. Michigan Ave 384-8171
The District Court has original jurisdiction on criminal felony cases; general jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors, traffic misdemeanors, traffic civil infractions, non-traffic civil infractions and general civil cases where the contested amount is $25,000 or less, small claims cases and summary proceedings (Landlord/Tenant relationships).
Dog Licenses
Animal Services and Enforcement 383-8775
Dog licenses go on sale December 1st each year, and all dogs must be licensed before March 1.
Dogs (complaints, shelter)
Animal Services and Enforcement 383-8775
Doing Business As
Clerk/Register's Office 383-8840
Domestic Relations Proceedings - Circuit Court - Family Division 385-6000
Domestic Violence Unit
Office of the Prosecuting Attorney 383-8946
Drain Commissioner 384-8117
The Drain Commissioner is in charge of county drain systems and all out-county drainage districts.
Drug Addiction
Kalamazoo Community Mental Health Services
Regional Coordinating Agency for Substance Abuse
Drug Treatment Courts
Adult: Circuit Court - Alternative Programs
Juvenile: Circuit Court - Field Services


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