Kalamazoo County Directories



Health and Community Services
Health Department
Health and Community Services
Health and Community Services
Help Line
Community Mental Health - Access Center Screening
Health and Community Services
(at the Fairgrounds)
Housing Inspections - For unsanitary conditions/infestation
City of Kalamazoo (within City limits)

County of Kalamazoo, (outside City limits)
Health and Community Service - Environmental Health
Housing Resources Inc.

This department is responsible for the administration of the personnel system, including compensation and benefits; maintaining the official records of employees; and recruiting job applicants. The Employment Opportunity Bulletin is published each Monday and open positions are listed on the Internet at www.kalcounty.com. This department verifies employment.

311 East Alcott St., Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Health and Community Services operates programs to enforce state and local health laws and enhance the health of the community.  Their goal is protection from disease and promotion of optimal health for all residents of the County.

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Public Information Office