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Important Information for Developers in Kalamazoo County

Both the State of Michigan and Kalamazoo County have statutory requirements that must be met to develop land. For developers, this means working with us during your planning process. We recommend that you first review the county's site development rules to research the drain protection processes that apply to your situation. You will also want to review the fee schedule for our services connected with the requirements for development. We recommend you first contact the municipality in which you are planning to build. They will help you first obtain local approval before coming to us.


Crossing, modifying or discharging to a county drain requires a permit from the Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner. Permits from other agencies may also be necessary. All permit applications require an appointment with the land owner and/or designated agent. Designated agents must be responsible for all work including temporary and permanent stabilization of soils. Plans and fees must be included with the permit application, and permits from other agencies may also be necessary. You may download the following forms for use with our office.

Application and Permit for Utility to Cross or Parallel a County Drain
Utilities proposed to be located in drain right-of-way ($150)

Application and Permit to Install a Crossing or Modify a County Drain
Install a bridge, culvert, or rock ford crossing; deepen, widen, relocate ($150)

Application and Permit to Connect to a County Drain
Storm sewer connection, footing drain leads, etc. ($150)

Insurance Certificate Requirements

Soil Erosion Permits


Plans showing the proposed crossing, modification or discharge must be submitted along with a permit application, $150 permit fee and review and inspection fees.

Drain Commissioner Fee Schedule

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