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There are many Michigan water and soil resources available online. This page is a collection for general non-storm water-specific links. The Kalamazoo County Drain Office has a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit that is administered by the State of Michigan. Please see our Storm Water Education page for more information about that permit and other storm water programs.

The Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners

Maps of local storm water systems: drains, basins, storm water sewers; soils, wetlands and many other helpful visual resources.

Kalamazoo County Geographical Information System (Maps and Airphotos)

City of Kalamazoo Geographical Information System (Maps and Airphotos)

City of Portage Geographical Information System (Maps and Airphotos)

United States Geological Service Topographic Maps by County

Soil Maps

This website describes soils and the general engineering characteristics associated with them.

Kalamazoo County Surface Water Levels and Flows

Kalamazoo River at Comstock

Austin Lake Dam
Other Kalamazoo County websites:

The Kalamazoo County Environmental Health is a major source of information on water quality including but not limited to Lake and Stream Monitoring, Surface Water Quality, Well Water Quality Search, The Health Effects of the Enbridge Oil Spill, and Information on the Kalamazoo River Oil Spill. Check it out!

State of Michigan Sites:

The State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and its Water Resources Division more specifically, has many good places to explore.

Federal Websites about Kalamazoo County Water

United States Geologic Survey's (USGS) Michigan Water Science Center

US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Surf Your Watershed

Kalamazoo River Watershed in Kalamazoo County

St. Joseph River Watershed in Kalamazoo County

Weather and Flooding

NOAA Weather Forecasting

NOAA River Flooding Prediction Service

NOAA Weather History

See MDEQ National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Dam Safety for more information.

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