Kalamaoo County

Office of the Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner

Site Development Rules

The Drain Commissioner has published Site Development Rules for the review and approval of storm water management systems proposed for new and redevelopments. These rules shall be followed in the processing of all subdivision plats, and all other land developments (such as condominiums, planned unit developments, manufactured housing communities, and other residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional developments) which impact established county or intercounty drains, or for which the Drain Commissioner provides support to other state, county, or local reviewing agencies. The following development activities are exempt from these standards:

  • Construction of individual single and two-family residential structures.
  • Additions or modifications to existing single and two-family residential structures.
  • Parcel divisions along an existing county road (no common private drives).

Site Development Rules
This large document is searchable and contains all links and details necessary for the planning process. The full manual is set up for double-sided printing. It is a very large file and will take some time to download.

Stormwater Rules Changes 10/8/12
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Quick Start

Site Plan Review Application
Site Plan Review Checklist
Schedule of Fees

Private Developments
Submittal Checklist for Private Developments
Maintenance Agreement for Private Developments
Maintenance Plan for Private Developments
Maintenance Plan Table No. 1 xls

Developments Involving County Drains
Submittal Checklist for 425 and 433 Agreements
Maintenance Agreement for County Drainage System
Maintenance Plan for County Drainage System
Maintenance Plan Table No. 1 xls

More forms
Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit
Release of Right-of-Way
Drainage Easement
Flooding Easement
Certification of Adequate Outlet
Section 425 Application
Section 433 Agreement
Certification of Construction
Repair Bond

Quick Design

Tables (PDFs)
Stormwater Worksheet
Minimum Required Stormwater Standards
Comparison of Required Storage Volumes
Stormwater BMP Summary Matrix

Maps (PDFs)
Depth to Groundwater - 36MB
County Watershed Map
County Drain Map
Wellhead Protection Areas

Frequently Used Tools

Green Calculator xls

Rational Method Detention xls

County Drain Use Permit Applications

A permit is required from the Drain Commissioner whenever working within a county drain or drain easement. The permit application must be completely filled out and accompanied with a detailed plan or sketch of the proposed activity and a copy of the contractor's insurance certificate (where required). Your application will not be processed without the required information. Permit applications may be obtained below:

Application and Permit for Utility to Cross or Parallel a County Drain
Utilities proposed to be located in drain right-of-way ($150)

Application and Permit to Install a Crossing or Modify a County Drain
Install a bridge, culvert, or rock ford crossing; deepen, widen, relocate ($150)

Application and Permit to Connect to a County Drain
Storm sewer connection, footing drain leads, etc. ($150)

Insurance Certificate Requirements

Schedule of Fees