Office of Drain Commissioner

Storm Water Management Plan

The Kalamazoo County Drain Commission (KCDC) is committed to ensuring that stormwater runoff from its roadways and facilities complies with all federal and state environmental regulatory requirements.
The Kalamazoo County Drain Commission’s Storm Water Management Plan is available for public review and comment. See Storm Water Management Plan.

Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner’s 2023 MS4 Permit is available for public review.

In addition, this website also contains a lot of other water quality information – including many tips on how you can help prevent pollutants from reaching the surface water and groundwater. Comments or questions can be directed to the Drain Commissioner.

Stormwater quality depends on and involves a lot of different issues:

  • Making sure construction sites have soil erosion and sedimentation control measures in place.
  • Properly managing runoff associated with new development and redevelopment.
  • Being on the lookout for dumping and making sure that only clean water enters storm drains.
  • Properly managing municipal operations such as street sweeping and winter road.
  • Management to reduce potential impacts to water quality.
  • Storm sewer infrastructure maintenance and cleaning.
  • Public education and outreach.

Please remember, “What Gets to the Street, Gets to the Creek.”

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