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Drinking Water

Well Permits

Permits for the construction of single-family residential, duplex and small business permits and links to Type II Noncommunity water supply permits, and to the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool.

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Water Sample Request Form

Well & Sewage Evaluations

West KL Ave Landfill Data

Search Nitrate Data

Water Quality Database

Database of partial chemistry water quality data searchable by specific addresses, a range of addresses, or a combination of township and section Data include Nitrate, Nitrite, Fluoride, Chloride, Hardness, Sodium, Iron and Sulfate, and Arsenic.

Water Well Maintenance

Water Sampling
Water Well Chlorination
Well Abandonment

Drinking Water Program

Residential drinking water wells information, municipal information and groundwater information. Your water may come from onsite water well or a public water supply wells.

Land Divisions

Environmental Health reviews properties for the purpose of approving the site for land divisions when onsite water supplies and/or onsite sewage treatment systems will be used.

Type II Water Supplies

Type II Noncommunity water supply is a privately owned water system that provides water for drinking or household purposes to 25 or more persons at least 60 days per year or has 15 or more service connections.

Sewage System Evaluations

Environmental Health offers three types of onsite water well and sewage treatment evaluations including those for real estate transactions, property upgrades, and vacant land.

Groundwater Concerns

Common groundwater concerns and types and sources of groundwater contamination.


W. KL Avenue Landfill Data

Residential drinking water well data collected twice per year near the W. KL Avenue Landfill contamination site.

Groundwater Education

Educating yourself and others about groundwater is one of the most effective ways to protect groundwater.

Safe Drinking Water Partners

The Safe Drinking Water Partners of Southwest Michigan is an organization of municipal water supplies, villages, cities, state, township, and county officials, and others interested in protecting our shared water resources. Includes links to Municipal Wellhead Protection program information.

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