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The State of Michigan Attorney General's Office has developed A Practical Guide for Tenants and Landlords, to inform you of your rights and responsibilities concerning housing. If an unsafe housing issue arises, you should do the following:

  1. Contact the owner or management company of the dwelling
  2. If the issue continues, contact your local City, Village, or Township ordinance office.
Cities, Villages, and Townships work in conjunction with Environmental Health to safeguard the health and safety of dwellings occupants and the general public. If your local officials are unable to resolve an unsafe housing issue, Environmental Health has the authority to inspect and determine the condition of dwellings, dwelling units, and premises located within the County of Kalamazoo to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Kalamazoo Sanitary Code, Article IV, Housing Regulations. Filing of a written complaint form (pdf) is required.

City of Portage Community Development (269) 329-4477
City of Kalamazoo Code Administration (269) 337-8026

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