Office of Emergency Management


Mike Corfman

Mike was appointed as Director of Kalamazoo County's Office of Emergency Management in the summer of 2018. Mike brings over 30 years of public safety, military, and private business experience to the office.

As a teenager, Mike began his career in public safety participating in the Boy Scout's Explorer program. Upon graduation from high school, Mike enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and completed over 4 years of active service followed by 26 years in Reserve service. Once leaving Coast Guard active duty, Mike was employed by a local 2-way radio shop doing radio repair and installation on emergency vehicles. His contacts through the public safety sector encouraged him to join the local volunteer fire department, where he rose through the ranks to Lieutenant. After a few years working at the radio shop, Mike was hired by Muskegon Fire Department where he served as a dispatcher, transitioning to the Muskegon Central Dispatch due to a merger of services. The community in which Mike was a volunteer firefighter was expanding their full-time staff and he was hired on and assigned as Captain/ Fire Marshal, eventually promoting up to Battalion Chief/Training Officer.

An opportunity presented itself in Kalamazoo County at the Comstock Township Fire Department where Mike was hired as Fire Chief in 1993. When Texas Township was interested in hiring their first full-time fire department employee, Mike was appointed as Fire Chief in 1996 where he served until 2013. At that time a nationwide business consulting firm offered Mike an opportunity to join their group and he left public safety to operate their local office. Mike continued to volunteer with the Kalamazoo County Office of Emergency Management during this time as well. In 2016 Mike jumped back into the fire service when the City of Portage was seeking a Fire Training Officer. When the Director of Kalamazoo County's Emergency Management expressed an interest to retire in 2018 Mike was selected to fill the position.

Mike retired from the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve as a Senior Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist. During his service with the U.S.C.G. he deployed around the globe, including 3 tours to the SE Asia/Arabian Gulf area for operations Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom and, among others, to support Hurricane Katrina operations in the U.S. Mike served as Chairperson of the Kalamazoo County Disaster Committee/Local Emergency Planning Committee for nearly 20 years, and as Vice-Chair of the Kalamazoo County Fire Chief's Association for nearly 10 years.

Mike is credentialed as a Chief Fire Officer by the Commission on Professional Credentialing, and is licensed as an Emergency Medical Services Instructor / Coordinator. He is a member of a number of professional Fire and Emergency Management organizations, the Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association, Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association, American Legion, and the Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Association.

Mike and his wife Mary reside in Texas Township where he serves on various Township committees, boards and commissions.