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Emergency Operations Center remains active

The Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners declared a countywide "state of emergency" in December of 2020 to assist with the provisions of the State of Michigan Public Act 390 (Emergency Management Act) as well as Public Act 267 of 1976 (the Open Meetings Act) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This state of emergency declaration is in effect until December 31, 2021 (or unless the Board elects to rescind the declaration sooner).

The Open Meetings Act, and a recent Public Act 228 of 2020, Allows for the governing boards of a "public body" to hold meetings electronically, provided the public body establishes procedures for the electronic meetings.  Act 228 stipulates that starting January 1, 2021, these specific limitations on attending remotely apply: a local or statewide state of emergency or disaster declaration, medical condition, and military duty. Except for military duty, the provisions of attending remotely sunset on December 31, 2021. Having the state of emergency in place allows for public bodies to continue to hold open or public meetings electronically (such as by Zoom).

Once a state of emergency or disaster is declared, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated to support that declaration. This declaration is more for a procedural process to comply with the Open Meetings Act, but we remain in a partial activation so the EOC command staff can meet periodically and discuss the COVID-19 response progress and to provide for any support to local and county agencies.


Posted: Tuesday, July 27, 2021