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Public Health Surveillance

The Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department uses a variety of data sources to monitor the health and well-being of Kalamazoo County residents. This site brings these data sources together to make this data more accessible to the community. The data is organized by determinants of health (clinical care, health behaviors, and social determinants of health) and health outcomes (morbidity and mortality).

County Health Rankings

This report ranks all counties in Michigan according to selected measures of health outcomes and health factors. This report provides a broad sense of ‘how healthy’ Kalamazoo County residents are.

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Community Needs Assessments

Community needs assessments conducted by HCS and community partners provide a snapshot of the needs of the Kalamazoo County community.

Communicable Disease and Immunization Data

A communicable disease is an illness that is spread from one person to another or from an animal to a person, or from a surface or a food.
Reporting of cases of communicable disease is important for planning and evaluating disease prevention and control programs and for identifying outbreaks. Michigan law requires that healthcare providers and laboratories report specific diseases to the Michigan Disease Surveillance System or local health department. Current Reportable Diseases in Michigan Summary of Changes to 2023 MI Reportable Conditions

Below are data sources and reports for communicable disease and vaccination rates for Kalamazoo County and Michigan.

Data for Selected Conditions

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Michigan Data Sources with County Specific Information

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Communicable Disease Reports by Year

The reports below summarize annual communicable disease activity and trends. In addition, specialized reports describing trends, rates, and demographic characteristics of cases for specific communicable diseases  are also included.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Data by Year

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) can be passed from one person to another, usually during sex or intimate contact. STI’s can cause infertility, birth defects if you are pregnant, and certain cancers. Most STI’s are treatable and curable, early treatment and testing is important. If you have had unsafe sex-get tested as soon as possible. If you have questions about testing or treatment call 269-373-5203 for more information.

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2022 County Chlamydia Rates
2022 County Chlamydia Rates
2022 County Gonorrhea Rates
2022 County Gonorrhea Rates
2022 County P&S Syphilis Rates
2022 County P&S Syphilis Rates

Source: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, "STI Annual Diagnoses and Trends – 2022", Published July 2023

Immunization Data

On-time vaccination throughout childhood is important because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. Vaccines are tested to ensure they are safe and effective.  Vaccinating children on time protects them and anyone around them with a weakened immune system. For more information on immunization and vaccines call 269-373-5203.

Drug Overdose Data

Drug overdoses, both fatal and nonfatal continue to impact the United States and Kalamazoo County. Overdose deaths remain a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States.

Environmental Health Data and Reports

The environment is: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the places where we live, work, and play.  Research has shown that there is a connection between the environment and the health of individuals and communities. For example: poor air quality can trigger asthma attacks, elevated blood lead levels in children can cause developmental disabilities, and vulnerable populations like the elderly and infants are at most risk for heat-related illnesses during heat waves. (

Lead Data and Reports

Lead is an invisible threat that is found throughout our environment. A blood lead test can tell you if you or your loved ones have recent or ongoing exposures to lead. A blood lead test cannot tell you whether you or your loved ones had exposures in the past.
Blood lead testing is particularly important for young children and pregnant persons because exposure to lead early in life has been shown to cause problems with learning, behavior, hearing, and growth.

Maternal and Child Health Data and Reports

Improving the well-being of mothers, infants, children, and families is an important public health goal for the United States and for Kalamazoo County. Their current health, in part, determines the health of the next generation/s.

Mortality Data and Reports

Mortality data can: provide a snap-shot of the health and well-being of a population, show patterns of risk in specific communities, and show trends in specific causes of death over time.

HCS Annual Reports

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