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Total Population in Kalamazoo County

Alamo Township3,850
Brady Twp4,386
Charleston Twp1,893
Climax Twp2,510
Comstock Twp15,336
Cooper Township10,488
Galesburg City2,053
Kalamazoo Charter Twp22,445
Kalamazoo City75,885
Oshtemo Charter Twp22,468
Parchment City1,931
Pavilion Twp6,312
Portage City47,854
Prairie Ronde Twp2,303
Richland Township7,923
Ross Township4,826
Schoolcraft Twp8,626
Texas Charter Twp16,105
Wakeshma Twp1,411

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Alamo Township Cooper Township Comstock Township Richland Township Ross Township Galesburg Charleston Township City of Parchment City of Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Township Oshtemo Township Texas Township City of Portage Pavilion Township Climax Township Wakeshma Township Brady Township Schoolcraft Township Prairie Ronde Township
49078 49080 49080 49004 49083 49060 49012 49009 49071 49087 49006 49007 49008 49001 49024 49002 49053 49048 49034 49008 49015 49097 49052
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