Household Hazardous Waste Center

How to Transport Household Hazardous Waste

To avoid messy spills in your vehicle or driveway, bring materials securely packed in sturdy containers such as cardboard boxes, plastic crates or totes. We are usually able to return your containers for re-use.

Garbage bags are not suitable containers. Materials in garbage bags tip over, leak and mix together possibly causing a toxic gas.

Chemicals and Liquids:

  • Make sure all containers are upright and that lids are on securely.
  • Place leaking containers, lid-less containers and fragile containers into a 5-gallon bucket or sealed baggie.
  • Protect glass containers by surrounding them with plastic containers or packing material. - - ->
  • Transport motor oil or fuel oil in 5-gallon buckets with secured lids or similar smaller container. Do not fill container to the top, please leave 5 or more inches between the liquid and the rim of the bucket to prevent spillage.
    Note: We are unable to accept anything bigger than a 5-gallon bucket.

Fluorescent Bulbs:

  • Pack bulbs separate from heavy things such as batteries. When a bulb breaks, small amounts of mercury vapor are released.
  • Return 4-foot and 8-foot bulbs to original box if possible.

Devices with Mercury:

  • Place fever thermometers, thermostats or other mercury-containing devices in sealable baggie.
  • Spilled mercury can be hazardous to your health and very expensive to clean up!


  • Secure large TVs in the back of your vehicle with straps or by laying the TV glass side down. Customers have arrived with broken car windows because a TV was not secured and it rolled right into the glass.
  • Electronic devices do not have to be put back in the original packaging.

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