Maternal & Child Health Division

4DAD Fatherhood

Healthy Families America

The 4Dad Fatherhood program aims to support fathers and promote healthy families in the community. Our program provides services to:

  • Expectant Fathers
  • Fathers of children under 2 years
  • Non-biological Fathers

Contact Us

311 E. Alcott St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

269-373-5200 (HCS main line)


One-to-One Support

Discuss the importance of fatherhood in a supportive environment.

Learn about childhood development and how to engage your growing child.

Connect with community resources that you and your family need (Employment, Housing, Health Care…).

Support Groups

There are currently two supports groups for fathers to join:

  • Discussions with Dads: Meets every Wednesday at Douglass Community Center (1000 W. Paterson St.) from 6:00-7:30 p.m. *light meal provided*
  • Barbershop Talks: Meets once a month. Follow the 4Dad Facebook Page for details.

Father Friendly Community Events

All father-friendly community events are posted on the 4Dad Facebook Page. Follow us on Facebook for upcoming event details.

Text 4Dad

Receive support through a weekly text message. Texts include information about parenting, child development, community resources and father friendly events in your community

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