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Health and Community Services Department

Older Adult Services Advisory Council

Meeting Schedule, Minutes and Agenda

The Older Adult Services Advisory Council's primary function is to act in an advisory capacity to the County Board of Commissioners through the Human Services Department related to the provision of services to the senior population of the Kalamazoo community. Membership requirements state that half the members must be age 60 or over, and other members will represent a nutrition provider, social service provider, a local elected official and general public. Appointments are made for three-year terms of office. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. at the Nazareth Complex. Contact: Judy Sivak, Director Older Adult Services, 373-5153.

Meeting Dates Agenda Minutes Meeting Note
January 10, 2018 A    
December 13, 2017 A M Room Changed to Georgian Annex. Meeting held at 3:00 p.m.
November 8, 2017 A M  
October 11, 2017 A   This meeting is CANCELLED 10/11/17
September 13, 2017 A M  
August 9, 2017 A M  
July 12, 2017 A M  
June 14, 2017 A M  
May 10, 2017 A M  
April 12, 2017 A    
March 8, 2017 A M  
February 8, 2017 A M  
January 11, 2017 A M  
November 9, 2016 A M  
October 12, 2016 A M  
September 14, 2016 A M  
August 10, 2016 A M  
June 8, 2016 A M  
May 11, 2016 A M Publi Hearing at 3:30pm
April 13, 2016 A M  
March 9, 2016 A M  
December 9, 2015 A M  
November 11, 2015 A    
October 14, 2015 A M  
September 9, 2015 A M  
August 12, 2015 A M  
July 8, 2015 A M  
May 13, 2015 A M  
April 8, 2015     Meeting Cancelled - Lack of quorum
March 11, 2015 A M  
February 11, 2015 A M  
January 14, 2015     No formal meeting in January

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