STD Toolkit

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In Kalamazoo County, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) make up more than 77% of the reportable communicable diseases.

Kalamazoo County has the 2nd highest rates for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in the State of Michigan.

A reduction in STD rates will only be achieved through a community wide public health initiative. This tool kit - The STD Toolkit - is the groundwork for this initiative. It is designed to be a consistent and comprehensive plan for action against the increasing rates of STDs county-wide. All information provided is designed to be an evidence- based tool to allow healthcare professionals, clinicians, public health workers, and community members alike to take a proactive role and to achieve control of this growing health threat.

Within this toolkit, providers will find resources to assist with the screening, testing, treatment, education, and counseling of at risk individuals in the county. We encourage you to explore this tool and use it in your own practices and offices. Information provided will help to keep healthcare providers up-to-date on the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols for STDs, as well as the public health benefits and effects of early and comprehensive community intervention over time on STD rates and statistics for Kalamazoo County.

Sexual and reproductive health issues are critical components to the general health and well-being of patients seen in all healthcare settings. However, the ability to efficiently and comprehensively provide services for STDs may be limited due to time constraints and providers' lack of comfort in doing so.
The KCHCS STD Clinic (269-373-5203) accepts referrals for appointments, walk-ins, and phone consultations with a STD Nurse provider five (5) days per week. Visit our website for more information.