STD Toolkit

Confidentiality for Patients

Partners do not need to know you are being tested for an STD. However, it is encouraged that you talk openly and honestly about your STD status.

Letting a sexual partner know if you have an STD is an important step to ending the cycle of STDs in our community. STDs can sometimes have long-term health consequences if not treated. It's important that a sexual partner knows if he/she has been exposed so that they can get tested and treated to prevent the further spread of disease, or to prevent negative health outcomes.

If you and your partner have not been tested, suggest that you go and get tested together before engaging in any type of sex. This includes  not only vaginal intercourse, but anal and oral sex as well.

Anyone who is 12 years of age or older in Michigan can get tested without parental consent. This means that your parents do not need to be present or give permission for you to get tested. Testing AND treatment are included in this law.

Call the Kalamazoo County STD Clinic at (269) 373-5203 for more information.

For more specific information, see the Michigan laws related to minor consent for care summarized here.