STD Toolkit

Provider Education & Training

Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services
STD Clinic: (269) 373-5203 or email
Topics: Prevention, Treatment & Testing, Counseling & Patient Education, Immunizations (HPV)

Available for small or large group instruction

Trainings available for large and small group settings. Partial day or full day trainings are available, as well as mini-trainings that would fit into a lunch meeting or staff meeting.

CDC STD Prevention Courses Clinical Courses
Behavioral Intervention Courses, Public Health Support Courses (PSP, Supervisory, etc.)

NYC STD/HIV Prevention Training Center trainings available "classroom" style, through webinars, online tools, handouts & brochures

CDC:Self-Study STD Modules for Clinicians

The Self-Study STD Curriculum Modules for Clinicians includes seven web-based educational modules, each based on a specific STD topic. Each module is considered to be an individual course, and a student may complete as many modules as he or she chooses. The modules are based on the curriculum developed by the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers.

Module Development Resources:
National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers
2015 CDC STD Treatment Guidelines

STD Case Series / National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers
This web-based case series is designed for practicing clinicians who diagnose, treat and manage patients with, or at risk for, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The series includes case presentations of common STD-related syndromes with a guided, interactive process to evaluate each case, arrive at a diagnosis and provide recommended treatment. In addition, each case is designed to improve skills in assessing patient risk, communicating risk reduction techniques and managing partners.

Just Ask! Communicating Confidently About STDs, HIV, and Sexual Activity / Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
The aim of this online course is to present the best practices and methods that will enable health care professionals to confidently interact with patients during the assessment, screening, treatment, and prevention of HIV and STDs. Just Ask! is a free, self-paced, online training course for healthcare providers. This program was developed by the Academic Edge, Inc. through funding provided by the CDC.

STD/HIV Update 2013 - Alabama/North Carolina STD Prevention and Training Center
Topics include vaginitis, syphilis, HPV, genital dermatology, HSV, chlamydia & gonorrhea, complications of chlamydia and gonorrhea, hepatitis, HIV 101, and male/female STD focused examination.

Cases on the Web (COWs)/ International Antiviral Society - USA 
This is a series of case-driven continuing medical education activities. This program was created to offer physicians convenient online access to top-quality education. Two levels are offered: Advanced and Basic. Advanced are for those with a working knowledge of viral disease management and Basic will benefit physicians who are new to the clinical practice of providing care for patients with viral diseases.

Hepatitis Web Study / University of Washington
This site provides interactive, case-based modules related to the clinical care of persons with viral hepatitis.

HIV Web Study / University of Washington
The Northwest AIDS Education Training Center and the University of Washington HIV Web Study is intended for clinicians who care for HIV-infected persons. The site features 40 interactive case studies and includes broad array of topics related to the clinical care of HIV-infected persons.

Online Chlamydia Course / California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center
Course content includes chlamydia screening guidelines, epidemiology of chlamydia, clinical aspects of chlamydia, sexual history taking and counseling, diagnostic testing for chlamydia, clinical management of infections, and partner management.

Syphilis. CDC Self-Study Monule for Clinicians
A web-based training course designed to guide clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of syphilis infection.

National Association of Community Health Centers
The Training and Technical Assistance Department of NACHC offers a wide variety of trainings and resources for all facets of community health center operations.