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Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste Center
1301 Lamont Avenue
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048
(269) 373-5211

Resources For Materials Not Accepted At The HHW Center

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Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Refrigerators - Ted's Appliance on Cork (382-1540), Nelson's Appliance on S. Westnedge (323-2254), call for fees.

Asbestos - Westside Landfill in Three Rivers (269- 279-5444) call for instructions and fees. DeLisle Associates (373-4500) and Wondermakers (382- 4154) do asbestos testing.

Bulk Oil - Stoddard and Sons (877-740-1151) or Heritage/Crystal Clean (800-280-6227) call for fees.

Bulk Trash/Transfer Stations - Best Way, 2606 Miller (388-3346) or Republic, 3432 Gembrit (888- 249-5112) call for fees.

Concrete - Consumers Concrete will accept concrete and blocks for recycling (342-9869) call for fees.

Foam #6 - Try shipping stores for packing peanut and polystyrene foam block recycling.

Home Heating Oil - Stoddard and Sons (877-740- 1151) will pump an outdoor tank, call for fees.

Latex Paint - Use cat litter to dry out, place in trash with lid off or call ePaint Recycling (760-8143) for fees.

Lawn Equipment - Try Taylor Lawnmower Sales & Service at 219 N Clarendon St (349-1115) for recycling.

Medications - Visit a Red Med Box near you for free disposal of expired and unused medications including over-the-counter, samples, liquids, pet medications, medicated ointments (lotions and drops) and unopened Epi-pens.

Motor Oil - In addition to the HHW Center, small quantities of pure, used oil may be accepted at auto part stores or Wal-Mart. Call first for availability.

Plastic Grocery/Retail Bags - Kohl's, Meijer, Target and Wal-Mart recycle grocery bags with a "2" or "4".

Propane Tanks - grill tanks larger than one pound: Amerigas, 1600 King Highway (800-309-2911) call for fees.

Railroad Ties - Best Way Disposal, 2606 Miller Road (388-3346) call for fees.

Scrap Metal - Kalamazoo Metal Recycling on King Highway and Schupan & Sons on Miller Road accept scrap metal, including electrical appliances (washing machines, hair driers, fans, coffee makers, etc.) for recycling.

Sharps including Syringes and Lancets - For trash disposal place in puncture-proof plastic container, such as detergent bottle, duct tape top down and write DO NOT RECYCLE on it.

Smoke Detectors - Should be disposed of in regular trash (one per trash pickup).

Tires - Many tire places: Belle, Discount, Firestone, Kzoo Tire, Pep Boys - accept small quantities for fee.

VHS/Cassette Tapes - www.greendisk.com recycles them for a fee. Or place in trash.

Vinyl Siding - JAX, 3410 Lake Street (388-7878) and Fryman's Recycling (782-0959); call first.

(Updated 1/9/18)