Housing Department

Kalamazoo County Housing Department under the management of the Director will lead the visioning, creation and implementation of Kalamazoo County Government’s countywide housing strategy. The Director will manage specific projects and drive housing outcomes by partnering with housing providers and developers in the public, private and non-profit sectors to create deep and lasting change in the areas of rental subsidies, permanent housing construction and related supportive services for residents of Kalamazoo County. 

The Director will develop, implement and reinforce systems and strategies to deploy the monies.  Additionally, the Director will design and leverage housing monies and resources for maximum impact on the quality and availability of affordable housing in Kalamazoo County. The Director will assess the affordable housing ecosystem for emerging trends, best practices, innovation, and the demand for housing in the county.  The Director will be responsible for the budget of the housing millage fund and other resources raised or leveraged for affordable housing.  The Director will supervise the preparation of all material reviewed by and acted upon by the Board.