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Our Workforce


Male: 42.1%
Female: 57.8%
Preferred Not to Answer: 0.1%


Veterans: 7.4%


Baby Boomer (1946-1964): 16%
Generation X (1965-1980): 43%
Millenials (1981-1996): 36%
Generation Z (1997-2015): 5%


American-Indian: 0.5%
Asian: 1.5%
Black/African-American: 12.7%
Hawaiian: 0.1%
Hispanic/Latin X: 3.5%
White: 79.9%
Two or more races: 1.5%
Prefer Not to Answer: 0.3%

% of Total Employees

Administratition: 33%
Courts: 30%
Elected Officials: 35%
Other: 2%

Statistics as of January 12, 2022

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