Office of Community Corrections

Community Corrections Advisory Board (C.C.A.B.)

The local community corrections advisory board is created pursuant to 1988 PA 511 (MCL 791.407), to advise and assist the local community corrections department with the identification and implementation of a strategic and comprehensive corrections program; a program which will maintain the public safety while reducing the prison commitment rate for Kalamazoo County and its environs.

Specialty Area Representative Term Expiration
Business Community Kelvin Lee 9/30/2019
County Commissioner Julie Rogers***
Defense Attorney Keith Turpel** 9/30/2019
Media John McNeill 9/30/2019
Probate Court Steven Burnham 9/30/2019
Probation Lara Neuman 9/30/2019
Service Area Representative –
   Community Alternative Programs
Jim Edwards 9/30/2019
Sheriff Richard C. Fuller, III 9/30/2019
Workforce Development Board Dallas Oberlee 9/30/2019
Local Law Enforcement Scott Merlo 9/30/2020
Circuit Court Judge Alexander Lipsey 9/30/2020
District Court  Judge Christopher Haenicke 9/30/2020
Service Area Representative –
   Mental Health/Substance Abuse
Robert Butkiewicz 9/30/2020
Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Getting* 9/30/2020
Service Area Representative –
A. Elizabeth Bernhard 9/30/2020

*    CCAB Chairperson
**   CCAB Vice-Chairperson and Governor appointee to the State Community Corrections Advisory Board
***  Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners Chairperson