Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

The District Court Division

The decision to either charge a suspect with a crime or decline prosecution is one of the most important functions performed by the Prosecuting Attorney. The District Court Division of the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor's Office coordinates and oversees the work done in the office to bring formal criminal charges against someone. After the police investigate criminal activity, they present the results of their investigation to our office. It is our job to review the case for both legal and factual sufficiency. If the complaint meets the charging standard, a complaint and warrant is issued, and the case officially enters the criminal justice system.

Our Division, which includes the Witness Unit, is comprised of lawyers, victim advocates and legal assistants. In addition to charging, we are the people who do most of the trial and related court work on misdemeanor prosecutions.

The attorneys assigned to the District Court Division handle the prosecution of misdemeanor cases in the seven district courts, prosecute preliminary hearings on felony cases which are held at the District Court level and represent petitioners at mental commitment hearings held in Probate Court. The Division also handles tickets issued by police officers.

The District Court Division is made up of the following employees:

Alan D. Harbaugh - Division Leader
District Court Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys

Rebecca D'Angelo
Joseph R. Hawver
Aubrey N. Koches
Matthew P. Quardokus
Lindsey R. Schaller
Amy L. Sheppard
Jason W. Werkema

Victim Advocates

Genevieve Beattie - Assistant
Bridgette Garner
Michelle Matson
Arica Nelson
Brandie Whitford

Professional/Technical Support

Julie Clark
Aisha Deme
Melissa Houldsworth
Courtney Mejeur
Francis Rubio-Perez
Melissa Scott
Samantha Trewhella