Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Witness Coordination

In addition to victim advocacy, District Court Victim Advocates coordinate witnesses and manage cases in the District Courts of Kalamazoo County. Today, two Victim Advocates manage and expedite the processing of witnesses of statute criminal cases in District Courts throughout the County.

Witness Coordination Duties Include:

  • Work with County prosecutors, as well as city, township and village attorneys on case management to insure witness coordination.
  • Create and operate a telephone alert system for contacting both police and lay witnesses.
  • Follow-up on subpoena service, both mail and personal service.
  • Work with court and prosecutor on any witness problems.
  • Notify lay witnesses of adjournments and pleas.
  • Provide "check-in" service for witnesses on trial days.
  • Make necessary travel arrangements for out-of-area witnesses.

Victim/Witness Unit staff may be contacted at 269-383-8677