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Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, Frequently Asked Questions

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

What is the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail?

The Kalamazoo River Valley Trail is the newest Kalamazoo County Park! The trail is free to use and has a paved-asphalt surface that is 10-feet wide. It's a multi-purpose trail for non-motorized transportation and recreation.

The Kalamazoo River Valley Trail will encompass 35 miles of trail throughout Kalamazoo County. Kalamazoo will be a regional hub, connecting Battle Creek to Lake Michigan, D Avenue to Portage, Augusta to Gull Lake, and eventually Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. This existing trail and planned trails in other counties will connect more than 140 miles of trails-connecting together the Battle Creek Linear Park, the Kal-Haven Trail, and the Portage Bicentennial Park Trail.

Currently, there are 24 miles complete of this non-motorized, paved-asphalt trail. One stretch begins at 10th Street, heading east from the Kal-Haven Caboose and stretching 4.8 miles to Westnedge Ave. You can also enjoy a section that connects 35th St. in Galesburg to D Avenue, traveling through River Oaks County Park, Mayors' Riverfront Park, Verburg Park, along Riverview Dr., and heading north along Markin Glen County Park and the Kalamazoo Nature Center. These two segments are connected by a signed-route throughout downtown Kalamazoo, featuring the Arcadia Creek Festival Place as well as many places to eat and shop. As funds and property become available the trail will continue to grow, realizing a vision that has been in the works since 1991.

Operated as a Kalamazoo County Park, the KRV Trail is free to use and offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a relaxing family stroll, a journey into nature, an extensive workout or a bike route to work-the KRV Trail awaits your visit.

Who operates the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail?

The KRV Trail is a County Park and is operated and maintained by the Kalamazoo County Parks Department. To report vandalism or obstructions on the trail, please call 269-383-8778.

Is there a fee to use the trail?

The KRV Trail is free to use, and a pass is not required.

Where can I park to use the trail?

1) KRV Trail/Kal-Haven Trailhead parking lot: Located on 10th St., two miles north of W. Main.
2) D Avenue: A small parking lot consisting of four spaces is available at D Ave. just west of the Kalamazoo River.
3) Kalamazoo Nature Center: A grass parking lot is located just inside the Kalamazoo Nature Center entrance. There is no charge for parking.
4) Markin Glen County Park: Markin Glen provides convenient access to the KRV Trail through the North end of the park near the fishing lake. There is an entry fee of $5.00 per car, and gates are closed at sunset.
5) Parchment: Parking is available along Commerce Lane near Mosel Ave.
6) Verburg Park: Parking is available at the North end of the park at Paterson St. just west of Riverview Drive.
7) Jack Coombs Trailway: This parking lot is located behind 660 Gull St. along the river.
8) Rose Park Veterans Memorial: Parking is available at the Southwest corner of E. Michigan Ave. and King Highway.
9) Mayors' Riverfront Park: Parking is available near Homer Stryker Field toward the back of the park (gates are locked at sunset), and also along Mills. St near the Kalamazoo River.
10) King Highway: Parking is available 1/2 mile west of River St. at a DNR Kalamazoo River access site.
11 & 12) Comstock: Trail parking is available at both North and South Wenke Parks, located on King Highway just west of River St.
13) Comstock: Located on the South side of the Kalamazoo River in Comstock at River St., Merrill Park is connected by sidewalk to the KRV Trail.
14 & 15) Downtown Kalamazoo: The Radisson and Arcadia parking ramps are located just a few blocks from the KRV Trail.

Are snowmobiles or golf carts allowed on the KRV Trail?

Golf carts, ATVs, ORVs, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, gas/electric powered scooters or similar motorized devices are not allowed on the KRV Trail. The KRV Trail is for non-motorized use, such as walking, running, bicycling, skate-boarding, rollerblading, etc.

Is the KRV Trail ADA accessible?

The KRV Trail is ADA compliant, and motorized and non-motorized mobility devices are allowed for reasonable and equitable access by persons with a disability who require the use of such mobility devices.

Does the KRV Trail go through downtown Kalamazoo?

There is a signed-route that connects the two completed sections. The "walking route" follows the sidewalk along Arcadia Creek, and the "bike route" uses Eleanor St. At Burdick St. the walking and biking routes combine to use Water St., leading all the way to Rose Park's Veteran's Memorial. The signs are teal in color and have symbols to indicate walk, biking or both.

Is the trail open all year round?

The trail is open all year round, although it is not plowed in the winter. It is, however, occasionally used by cross-country skiers and walkers. Snowmobiles are not allowed on the KRV Trail.

Is the entire trail paved?

The entire KRV Trail is paved asphalt, and except for a .7 mile section along Ravine Road and the downtown signed route, it's separated from the road.

What time does the trail open and close?

The KRV Trail opens at 7 a.m. each day, and closes at sunset.

Who is paying for the construction of the trail?

The trail is funded by private donations and matching enhancement grants from the Michigan Department of Transportation. A public and private partnership between the volunteer-led Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County and Kalamazoo County Parks is bringing charitable contributions and public dollars. To donate, please visit

Who is paying for the maintenance?

The KRV Trail maintenance is funded by an endowment established by the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County.

Who is paying for the programs and events?

In partnership with the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County, the Kalamazoo County Parks Department received a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to provide programs and events to encourage usage and increase awareness of the trail. Programs and events can be found at

Do you need volunteers for the KRV Trail?

We have a variety of opportunities for volunteers, ranging from helping to conduct a trail usage study, to assisting with programs and events. For more information, please email KRVT or call 269-383-8778.

Does the KRV Trail have mile markers?

The KRV Trail has mile markers every 1/10th of a mile, beginning from 10th Street.

Can I take my dog on the KRV Trail?

Pets are allowed and welcome, we just ask that you clean up after them and that they are on a leash no more than 6-feet long.

Is the trail safe to use?

The trail is safe to use. To make your experience more enjoyable, however, we recommend using the buddy-system and enjoy the trail with a companion. There is safety in numbers.