Planning & Development Department

Department Services / Mission Statement

1. County GIS

The County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program, as part of the Planning Department, provides certain fee-based data and mapping services. The Kalamazoo County GIS mapping website provides access to aerial photography, parcels, roads and other map information at no charge.

2. Resource Development

The Resource Development Coordinator supports the Planning Department functions in the areas of grants management, County brownfield redevelopment, economic development, special projects and intercommunity relationships with other units of government.

3. Land Use Review & Recommendation

In accordance with appropriate statute or ordinance, the Kalamazoo Metropolitan County Planning Commission provides recommendations on farmland preservation agreements, preliminary plats, master plans, land use and future land use plans, and plan amendments.

4. Planning Information

Planning magazines, statistical information including Census data and Census maps, County street directory, maps (zoning, topography, wetlands, floodplains, etc.), and aerial photography are available in the Planning department.

5. Planning Assistance

Limited planning assistance services are available from County planning staff to local units of government in Kalamazoo County for various projects. Hours of service are contingent upon staff availability and workload. Projects may include land use plan amendments, training workshops, planning education etc.

6. Economic Development Service

County planning staff provides community and economic development assistance to public and quasi-public agencies. Services typically include grant application and management, financing conduit for infrastructure improvements, planning support, and intergovernmental coordination.

Our Mission

1. Intra-County Coordination/Cooperation

Provide planning and technical support to other County departments in areas of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), County-wide community development plans/projects and provide necessary staff for community development related citizen advisory boards of the County, including the Kalamazoo Metropolitan County Planning Commission.

2. Intergovernmental Coordination/Cooperation

A. Coordinate developmental activities (physical or socio-economical) affecting more than one unit of government (i.e. GIS, land use plans, utility extensions, infrastructure changes).

B. Provide a forum for discussion of plans and community development activities affecting neighboring counties (i.e. solid waste management plan, economic development).

C. Act as liaison between County and other levels of government, public and quasi-public agencies in matters related to community development (i.e. Southwest Michigan First, Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study, Southcentral Michigan Planning Council).

D. Prepare/assist in the preparation of the various grants and assume grantee and conduit for funding role on behalf of other units of government and quasi-public agencies (i.e. Brownfield Redevelopment grants, Remonumentation grants, Federal grants).