Planning & Development Department


1. Kalamazoo County Street Name Directory

The format of this directory is easy to understand. Starting at the left hand and moving across the top of each directory page, each field is described below:

The D field indicates the direction in which the street runs (i.e., N=north).

The Street Name and Type fields provide the street name and street type (i.e., Drake=name, Road=type).

The address range fields, which is divided by LO and HI, shows the range of house address numbers for that portion of the street.

The OE* field indicates if the address range contains all house numbers, only even numbers or only odd numbers. E indicates even numbers only. O indicates odd numbers only. The asterisk (*) indicates all numbers.

The Municipality and C/T/V fields indicate which local unit of government the street is located within. For example, a street listed in Kalamazoo Township will be KALAMAZOO and TWP. A street listed in the City of Kalamazoo will be KALAMAZOO and CITY.

The Zip field shows the zip code that covers that portion of the street.

The Tract field shows the 2000 Census tract that covers that portion of the street.

The Location field provides a description of the street to nearest major roads.


The Planning & Development Department is providing this directory for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions. If you are using this directory and find an error or omission, please contact the Planning Department at (269) 384-8115, so that we may make the appropriate corrections. Through the assistance of the local units of government in Kalamazoo County and you, the user, we make every effort to ensure the street directory is up to date and accurate. Thank you for your cooperation!

The Directory is provided here in: PDF format.

2. Kalamazoo County Planner's Profile

The Planning Department has produced the Kalamazoo County Planner's Profile, a collection of data and graphs about the local municipalities in Kalamazoo County. The document includes data from the 2010 Census, or more recent data where available.

The Planner's Profile is provided here in: PDF format.

3. Kalamazoo County GIS Tactical Plan

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology has been identified by administration and agencies within Kalamazoo County as an area that has the potential to produce gains in service and efficiency both within the County organization and through collaboration with external agencies.

Organizations and communities in and around Kalamazoo County have been using GIS independently for many years. Over the past 20 years, an uneven balance of GIS usage and implementation across the region has occurred as groups develop independent GIS support structures.

Kalamazoo County has contracted with a vendor to investigate and assist in targeted planning for expanding the comprehensive and coordinated use of GIS for county-based organizations. A series of interviews with nine Kalamazoo County departments, eight local municipalities, and five external agencies was used in the identification of strengths and challenges of the program. This information, along with in-depth knowledge and experience with GIS programs nationwide, was used to develop and select the top recommendations for Kalamazoo County.

The GIS Tactical Plan is the result of an investigation of the existing state of GIS in the County government and recommends opportunities for its expanded utilization. The Plan was accepted as a guide for the County's GIS future in the February 3, 2009 meeting of the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners.

Please contact the Director of the Planning & Development Department at 269-384-8115 for more information.

The GIS Tactical Plan is provided here in: PDF format.