Planning & Development Department

County Generalized Zoning Map

Kalamazoo County does not have a county-wide zoning ordinance. Instead, each of the 24 local units of government (cities, villages, and townships) establishes its own zoning ordinance and an official zoning map.

In an effort to make it easier to see the overall pattern of zoning in the county, we have created a Generalized Zoning Map. This map shows a set of several broad zoning categories. Each local government's actual zoning classes are assigned to one of the general categories, and the resulting map thus gives an approximate picture of how land is zoned across the entire county.

This Generalized Zoning Map is available as a downloadable PDF, and can be ordered full size (36" x 42") from the Department of Planning and Community Develpment. The map also appears as a basemap layer in our online GIS application. For more detailed information about how this map was created, see the associated whitepaper. The Countywide Generalized Zoning Map was completely updated in May 2016.

For specific information about zoning in our cities, townships, and villages, please contact the units of government directly. Only these local governments can answer questions about zoning or provide authoritative interpretations of their zoning maps or ordinances. Kalamazoo County provides this Generalized Zoning Map solely as a visual aid. Many communities provide their zoning ordinances online, either at their own website or via the website, check their sites to find out how to access this information. Zoning ordinances and maps for a few smaller units of government, however, are not yet available online, you may have to visit or contact them directly if this is the case.