Purchasing Department

Responsible Bidder Program Qualification Form

Notice to Bidders

The Kalamazoo County Purchasing Department (Owner) is currently accepting Qualification forms from any and all individuals or firms interested in bidding upon construction projects for the County Of Kalamazoo. This program provides a method and manner, determined to be desirable by the Owner for the processing and evaluation of the capacity and qualifications of prospective contractors to perform as the General Contractor/Subcontractor or Professional for any project. This Qualification program is intended to assure the integrity, responsibility and competence of bidders.

Contractors/Professionals proposing to bid on construction projects of $50,000 and above, shall be required to establish proof of their capacity, competence, and responsibility, as provided herein, before being permitted to bid on the work. Contractors/Professionals who submit information to the Owner for evaluation shall have a continuing obligation and duty to supplement, and/or otherwise update, any information, which ceases to be accurate between the time submitted and the time a determination is made on the qualification of the Contractor/Professional. A Contractor/Professional shall be disqualified if it submits incorrect or fraudulent information.

Based upon the information provided by the Contractor/Professional, the Owner shall make a determination as to the qualifications of the Contractor/Professional submitting the application. The Owner’s decision shall be communicated to the Contractor/Professional and shall be final. Any Contractor/Professional denied qualification status shall not be entitled to submit a bid on the project for which qualification was sought. The County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids on any project.

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