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Inmate Commissary

Inmates in the Kalamazoo County Jail may purchase personal care products, undergarments, stationary, stamps and food/snack items for personal use. Inmates are permitted to purchase up to seventy-five (75) dollars in commissary items weekly. Friends and family may order a Care Package up to Fifty (50) dollars by going to
Items purchased or delivered from other vendors will not be accepted.
Inmates will only draw from their own accounts and are not permitted to transfer funds to or from other inmates.
Commissary orders are a privilege and may be restricted due to rule violations or sanctions. Those inmates serving time in maximum or segregated housing will only be allowed hygiene or legal materials from commissary.

Deposits to an Inmate's Commissary Account

Family or friends may provide money for inmates to purchase from the commissary menu. Deposits may be posted online by going to Deposits may also be processed through a Canteen Services kiosk (gray and chrome kiosk) located in the lobby of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office at 1500 Lamont ave., Kalamazoo which is open 24/7. Neither the Sheriff’s office nor the Canteen kiosk is capable of making change for deposit.
At the time of the inmate's release, any balance in the inmate's account will be paid to the inmate in the form of a debit card or check.
Canteen Services, the vendor of the kiosk and commissary system, charges a fee for their service. The fee will vary depending on the amount of the deposit/order.
PLEASE NOTE: Once an inmate's twelve (12) dollar booking fee has been paid, any deposit in an inmate's commissary account will be split 50/50 between past debt and commissary. If the inmate has no debt, then the entire deposit, minus fees, will be available for commissary.

Current Commissary Menu

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