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Inmate Communication (phones/visits)

The Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office has contracted with GTL/Viapath for all telecommunications. Accounts may be established at  or by utilizing the KIOSK in the lobby at the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office. This KIOSK is available 24/7 at 1500 Lamont Ave. Kalamazoo MI, 49048. The GTL/Viapath KIOSK will accept cash, Mastercard, or Visa debit card.
GTL/Viapath Services:  

  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Photo Sharing
  • Voice Messaging
  • Video visitation

*All communications may be monitored and recorded.

Phone Calls

Inmates have access to a telephone immediately after booking. They will initially be offered 2 free phone calls with limited time to speak. These calls are intended for the individual to communicate to their family or friends about their current location and to provide information on further communication. All phone calls after these will be fee based as determined by GTL/Viapath.

You may elect to have calls from this facility blocked by contacting 1-866-516-0115.

Text Messaging

Once an account has been established. Inmates may initiate or receive text messages on a tablet device located in their housing unit. These messages are also fee based as determined by the communications vender GTL/Viapath.  

Photo Sharing

Appropriate photos may be shared with inmates through the GTL/Viapath account. Photos must be un-edited and may not contain nudity, weapons, drug use, or gang affiliated signs or gestures. Photos may be monitored and restricted.

Voice Messaging

Once an account has been established, voice messages can be left for inmates for a fee. These messages can be no longer than 3 minutes and will be available to the inmate the next time they log on to the tablet.

Video Visitation

Inmates are allowed video visitation based on their classification level.

  • Inmates with a low or medium classification and good behavior are afforded two (2) free Thirty (30) minute visits per week. They may also purchase additional visits for a fee determined by GTL/Viapath.
  • Inmates with a high classification, or those on sanctions for disruptive behavior or rule violations are only allowed one free visit per week.
  • Inmates with MAX classification or in administrative segregation are not allowed video visitation until behavior improves.

* All inmate classification levels are evaluated every 30 days and are subject to change based on good or poor behavior.

Video Visitation Rules

  • Inmates may not use accounts that do not belong to them.
  • Nudity is prohibited by inmate and visitor.
  • Visitation with protected parties of a court order is prohibited.
  • Video visitations may be monitored and recorded.

Professional Visitors

Attorneys, Probation and Parole Officers, registered Clergy, Social Workers, Mental Health caseworkers, and Bondsmen may schedule an appointment via our online registration system.  Due to the high volume of professional visitor requests and the safety and security of our facility, appointments for professional visitors must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Please contact our jail command for instructions on registration at 269-383-8745.

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