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June 20th Flooding

Heavy rains overnight on top of saturated soil have caused ponding and flooding on area streets.

Do not drive through water on the road. The water levels are deceptive and we're getting multiple reports of stranded motorists.

Do not enter closed roads, even if the road appears clear - some roads have been undercut by moving water.

Stay away from moving water. The ground is saturated and can give way, and the river volumes and flow rates are extremely high.

The saturated soil is also posing an issue for trees. Watch for trees and entangled wires down on area roads.

The City of Kalamazoo has closed numerous roads in the Crosstown area, including 

  • S. Park
  • Crosstown Pkwy
  • Burdick St
  • Stockbridge Ave
  • Lake Street
  • Vine St
  • Howard St (near Crosstown)
  • Dutton
  • Johns St

For the most up to date city closures, visit

The County Road Commission has posted the following closures:


  • East Michigan Avenue – Sprinkle Road to River Street


  • 8TH Street – ML Avenue to KL Avenue


  • 42nd Street – M-89 to M-96


  • P Avenue – 3rd Street to 4th Street
  • PQ Avenue – 3rd Street to 5th Street
  • P Avenue – 3rd Street to Main Street
  • O Avenue – 4th Street to 6th Street
  • N. Eagle Lake Drive – E. Eagle Lake Drive to S. 5th Street
  • S Avenue – 6th Street to 8th Street
  • S Avenue – 8th Street to 10th Street

The list of countywide road closures will likely grow.

Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2019

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