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Weekend Storms Bring Flooding

Heavy rains over the last week have caused fluvial and surface flooding across the area.

Location Description Start Date End Date
S 8th St - West ML Ave to W KL Ave Long term closure ·water over road 2018 TBD
W O Ave - 4th St to 6th St Long term closure - water over road 2018 TBD
N Eagle Lake (E Eagle Lake to S 5th St) A temporary road gravel lift has been completed to allow residents access. The road remains closed to thru traffic. 2018 TBD
S 32nd St - East V Ave to East W Ave Road closed due to water over road. 5/ 15/ 2020 TBD
N 44th St - EF Ave to E Augusta Dr Road closed due to water over the road @ 6575 N 44th St 5/ 15/ 2020 TBD

If you encounter water across the road or barricades, turn around.  Do not drive or walk through moving or standing water.  

  • Shallow moving water can sweep pedestrians off their feet
  • Vehicles can be stalled, stranded, or swept away when crossing water
  • Water depth is hard to judge, and the consequences of a misjudgement can be fatal.

This flooding is expected to continue for several days, and water levels may rise and cover additional roads without notice.

Posted: Monday, May 18, 2020

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