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Jeffrey Christensen
Jeffrey Christensen

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Marty Johnson

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James Sandlin

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Megan Malz

The Operations Division consists of all Uniformed and Investigative sections of the Sheriff's Office.

The Road Patrol section is the most publicly visible unit, consisting of over 40 deputies who patrol Kalamazoo County, conducting proactive policing and responding to complaints, calls for service, and engaging in traffic enforcement activities. Deputies assigned to the road may have specializations in areas such as the Traffic Unit, K-9 Unit, Meth team, etc.

The Criminal Investigation Section consists of 8 detectives who investigate major and specialized crimes such as theft, fraud, and computer crimes. These detectives also perform background interviews, conduct suspect interviews, and perform polygraph examinations.

Deputies from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office Airport detail patrol the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport 24hrs a day ensuring safe travel. They conduct investigations and arrests of contraband and weapons violations, maintain the physical security of the airport grounds, and provide traffic and parking enforcement.

Deputies from the Operations Division are also assigned to the Southwest Michigan Drug Enforcement Team, Kalamazoo Valley Drug Enforcement Team, and Federal task forces.

The Marine Division can be seen every week from spring to fall, patrolling area lakes. The Marine Deputies offer boater safety classes on a regular basis.

Members of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Reserve Division and Mounted Division, which collectively number over 100 deputies, are volunteers who supplement the Sheriff's Office mission of crime detection and crime prevention. They provide event security, crowd control, search and rescue, and often work alongside road patrol deputies.

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