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Posting Bond

Before posting a bond, you should be aware of the following:

Money Refund

If you are able to recover your bond money, it can only be returned by the court that has jurisdiction in the case.

9th Circuit Court: 330 Eleanor St., Kalamazoo 269-383-8950
8th District North: 330 Eleanor St., Kalamazoo 269-384-8171
Probate Court: 1536 Gull Road, Kalamazoo 269-383-8666
Juvenile Court: 1536 Gull Road, Kalamazoo 269-385-6000

Processing Fee

To comply with Public Act 2002, Act No.631, House Bill 5047, a $10.00 cash only processing fee will be collected for anyone posting bond on a warrant arrest, post arraignment, or surety bonds.

Booking Fee

Enrolled House Bill 4517 allows the Sheriff's Office to collect a $12.00 booking fee when a person is admitted into the jail. This is in addition to the $10.00 bond-processing fee, which is already being collected. The booking fee revenue collected is used for training and inmate programs under the local corrections officer training act.
The Sheriff's office cannot make change. Correct bill denominations are needed for each of the above fees.

Bond Payment

Bonds paid with the Sheriff's Office are processed through the Canteen kiosk (gray and chrome kiosk) located in the lobby of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office or by going to
The Canteen kiosk accepts cash, Master Card, Visa debit cards, and credit cards. The kiosks do not accept coins, money orders, or checks. The Sheriff's Office cannot make change. Correct bill denominations are needed for the bond and fees.
Canteen kiosk, the vendor of the bond and fees, charges a fee for their service. The fee will vary, depending on the amount of the bond.
Any overage paid will automatically be deposited into the inmates spending account. Any balance will be paid to the inmate in the form of a debit card upon release.
PLEASE NOTE: All bonds paid are in the inmate's name. Some or all of the bond money may be used to pay the defendants fines and/or court costs. The full amount may not be returned. Any money left at the conclusion of the court proceedings will be issued to the defendant, NOT to the person who paid the bond. It is your responsibility to get the money you paid toward the bond from the defendant. If you have any questions concerning the bond, please contact the court where the bond will be processed. The court addresses and phone numbers at located at the top of this page.

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