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Recruiting Information

Kalamazoo County offers a comprehensive benefits package to full-time eligible employees. The eligible employees at the Sheriff's Office may expect a range of benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, deferred compensation program, employee assistance program, tuition reimbursement, sick and vacation leave, and a pension plan. For an exhaustive list of benefits, employees will need to review their respective collective bargaining agreement upon hire.


The Sheriff's Office continuously seeks applicants for many positions within the department. These positions include Deputy, Court Security Deputy, Corrections Officer, Booking Clerk, Dispatcher, Clerical Staff, Nurse, Cook, and Control Operator. Deputy positions require MCOLES certification while Corrections Officers must meet the Michigan Corrections Officer Minimum Standards. Positions within the Sheriff's Office require college education, no felony or disqualifying misdemeanors, a valid driver's license and no visible tattoos. A background investigation is conducted prior to being offered a position. Information regarding MCOLES certification can be found at http://michigan.gov/mcoles/. Information regarding Corrections Officer minimum standards can be found at http://www.misctc.org/standards.html

Open positions within the Sheriff's Office are posted on the Employment page of the County's website. Please click here to view and/apply for any open positions.

Kalamazoo County
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