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K9 Unit

The K9 team of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office provides missing person tracking, building search, narcotics search, and suspect apprehension options for incidents within the county of Kalamazoo.

The team currently has three K9s: Ajax, Zeus, and Roseco, and hopes to add additional canines and handlers as additional funding is established. Ajax is teamed with Sergeant Coleman, Zeus is teamed with Deputy Kline, and Roseco is teamed with Deputy Harris.

K-9 Ajax K-9 Zeus K-9 Roseco
K-9 Ajax was born in 2013 and has been with the KCSO since 2014.  He is trained in multiple areas including tracking and narcotics/drug detection.  Ajax loves doing his job and loves to play when off duty.  K-9 Ajax and his handler Sergeant Coleman have been responsible for numerous criminal apprehensions and the confiscation of a large amount of drugs. K-9 Zeus was born in 2013 in the Netherlands and has been with the KCSO since 2014.  Zeus is a multipurpose trained K-9 and can track individuals, locate lost articles, find controlled substances, and protect his handler.  To date, Zeus' longest track is 1.5 miles locating 6 suspects!  Zeus is a force mutiplier for KCSO and has assisted in 100's of cases.  Off duty, Zeus is a loving family member. K-9 Roseco was born in 2016 and has been with the KCSO since 2018.  Roseco is trained to help deputies track individuals, find lost items, detect the odor of narcotics, and protect his handler.  Outside of his working duties, Roseco is not unlike other dogs and is always full of energy.

Becoming a canine handler is a huge, ongoing commitment for the deputies. Both deputies and dogs must first go through a K9 academy. In the academy, the deputies become accustomed to their new partners and learn to read their body language. The dogs have already received their initial training by this time, but they must learn to work with their new handlers and receive deeper training in each discipline.

K-9 Apollo

K-9 Zeus

K-9 Ajax K-9 Zeus K-9 Roseco

Following graduation, the K9 deputies’ partners become part of the family, and require continual, ongoing training both at home and work. The deputies are partnered for the working life of the dog, typically six to nine years, unless the dog is disabled in the line of duty. At the end of their career, KCSO’s K9s are given to their handlers to begin a well earned retirement.

Retired K9s

K-9 Apollo
K-9 Apollo K-9 Terek

Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office
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Non-Emergency Dispatch:  269-488-8911

Sheriff: Richard C Fuller
Undersheriff: James Vandyken