Office of the Treasurer


Each year the Kalamazoo County Treasurer holds an auction for the sale of tax foreclosed properties. Information about the auction rules and properties available for auction will be available from or by calling 800-259-7470

2020 auction: September 22 (online only:

Auction book: Expected early August, will be posted here asap.

Second Auction: Online auction with a 30 day bidding window and sealed bids awarded in early November (date TBD)

* This year, the current asking price for each lot will be publicly visible online throughout the day of the auction. Users can place their bids ebay style, where you enter your "maximum" bid you are willing to go up to, and the system will continue to bid on your behalf up to that amount, only as necessary ("Proxy bidding").  Users will be able to clearly identify if they are the top bidder, and make adjustments to their top bid up until 6:59:59pm. At 7pm each day, the bidding closes. Bidders can bid "up to" their maximum, but it will only raise the amount to the next higher bid increment if someone bids against them. 

If you would like to receive email updates about our auction, including when our auction book is available please email us: