Office of the Treasurer

Townships and Cities Grid Map

Each section is divided into four 1/4 sections. See below (T 1S, R 12W)

Grid Map

Example Parcel # 05-10-256-010
(05) is Oshtemo Twp (10) is section (256) is 1/4 sec (010) is parcel

Galesburg City # 17-07-13-176-010 - in this parcel the "07" indicates that it is located in Comstock Twp. If it were "08" then it would be in Charleston Twp (see grid above)

Kalamazoo City #00-06-24-100-010
"00" is the prefix the Equalization Dept uses.

Parchment City #3918-02-110-010.
Our Treasurers office sees this number as #06-02-110-010

Portage City parcel # format is different from all the rest.
Example of Portage City parcel # *10 - ##### - ### - A (5 numbers - 3 numbers - letter)
* the "10" is the prefix the Equalization Department uses when looking up parcel number in the computer
You will have to call Portage City (269-329-4433) to get section and 1/4 sec.

Town and Range will always be 3S - 11W